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The brand new DUG the Devil store on Zazzle is up!! I am starting with one design but will be adding more in the future.
Remember you can put the design on any shirt or color they offer. Check it out!! Just follow the Link!

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Doozy studios has created a new fan site for people who love Heavy Metal. The page is called, DUG the Devil on Heavy Metal.
The host is an Uber Metal fan named DUG. He proclaims himself a Metal Fan and a Devil Man! The page is filled with news, images, commentary and original art by Doozy studios!! Please check it out at this link:

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Hello Doozy Friends,

I was spending a Sunday at a friend's collectibles store in Chicago called,

 I was  perusing the Toys when  I noticed that someone dropped off a huge pile of vintage Sci Fi model kits.

As I looked through the  kits I spotted the original 1970's Battlestar Galactica along with Colonial viper and Cyllon Raider. All the kits were not built and had all the pieces. I decided that I was gonna give model building a shot and bought them all.

I have now put all the kits together and they look awesome. The next step will be the painting!!!  Here is a pic of the progress

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Hello Doozy friends,

Welcome to the new Doozy Studios website! The site has been redesigned and updated with links to information and contact info.

I have added a Gallery section showcasing all the arcade games I have created over the last 20 years.In the future I will be adding a personal Gallery with pieces I have created.

 Check back for updates.  Thanks